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Over the next several posts, we will be looking at popular atheist memes that have been circulating. Memes in our culture have become one of the primary ways ideas can spread. The reason for this is that they fit very well into the social media revolution that we are firmly in the middle of. They are sort, simple, usually graphical pieces of text that are memorable and easily shared, which means they get around quickly. Even if you don’t happen to come across them yourself, you are likely to run into people that have. The ideas expressed in the atheist memes they’ve seen can come up whenever religion comes up.

The One Less God Meme

Today, let’s look at one of the more popular memes. The one less god than you meme. Many well-known atheists voice this idea in lots of different ways. Here is one example, featuring Richard Dawkins.

"One Less God" Richard Dawkins Quote

The idea here is not hard to grasp. Atheism and theism aren’t that different from each other. After all, there are thousands of gods Christians don’t believe in. What’s one more? This argument is rhetorically powerful, as most popular memes are. However, when you apply just a little bit of thought to it, you realize just how silly of a statement it is.

Atheism and theism are not just different, they are opposites. The universe is a vastly different place if “just one” God exists. There are good arguments for the idea that “just one” God exists. Of course, Christians are just going to believe in one God. That doesn’t make them “atheists” in any respect. It would be similar to saying “all men are bachelors in regard to most women in the world, some just go one woman further”.

The implication that because we don’t believe in Zeus, for example, then we ought to just not believe in any gods is totally misguided. A god with the characteristics of Zeus would require vastly different evidence than the God of Christianity. Does Richard Dawkins really think that, in order to be consistent, theists have to believe in every single god? Only then would he take our claims seriously? I have to think he is smarter than that. He must just be trying to make a rhetorical, pandering statement here. It’s absolutely silly to think this is any kind of substantial argument.

We will look at a different meme next time. If you want me to address a specific meme, feel free to send it to me on my Facebook page, or you can always send me an email.

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